Liv Little


Liv is our editor-in-chief. She's a 23-year-old production researcher, addicted to documentaries and clothes.

Hannah Gooding

Fashion and Lifestyle Editor

Hannah is a philosophy graduate from London who is currently studying Garment Technology. She is dedicated to improving diverse representation in the fashion industry and aspires to one day running her own fashion brand that caters to short women with big boobs.

Antonia Odunlami

Music Editor

Editor, writer, specialist radio producer and DJ, Antonia Odunlami is passionate about documenting and championing emerging artists bubbling from sub-cultures within her east London home and further afield, wide-ranging global sounds that drive the new wave of artists on the rise.

Charlie Brinkhurst Cuff

Print Editor

Charlie works as a freelance journalist and Weekend Editor for Dazed as well as helping to edit gal-dem. She's recently finished a Newspaper Journalism MA at City University via the Guardian and won the 2017 Georgina Henry Award for Innovation in Journalism on behalf of gal-dem.

Niellah Arboine

Assistant Fashion and Lifestyle Editor

Niellah is an English & Creative Writing graduate and works within the arts. She's worked as a production assistant at the National Theatre and is a workshop facilitator. Her main focuses are literature and the arts. She loves cooking, drawing and binge watching TV.


Arts and Culture Editor

Varaidzo is the Arts & Culture editor at gal-dem. Her writing has been featured in New Statesman, Complex, Dazed, and award-winning anthology 'The Good Immigrant' amongst others.

Kuba Shand Baptiste

Chief Sub-Editor

Kuba is a freelancer and journalist at The Pool. She recently graduated from City University with an MA in Newspaper Journalism.

Sami Theminimulle

Assistant Print Editor

Sami works in anti- trafficking/anti-slavery. She also really likes collaging, whales and creeping on Twitter.

Grace Shutti

Assistant Music Editor

Grace is a freelance journalist and content creator at The Guardian. She loves music, words and all her ideas start with a long-winded story that she will happily retell loudly.

Heather Barrett

Opinions Editor

Heather is an editor, teaching assistant and youth worker based in London. She loves creative writing, cartoons, her pet rabbit, and pretending to be vegan.

Jinan Younis

Assistant Opinions Editor

Jinan is a recent graduate in Theology. She now works in the charity campaigning sector and is passionate about women's rights. Her feminist activism in her earlier years led her to being awarded the Christine Jackson Young Person Award at Liberty Human Rights.

Leah Cowan

Politics Editor

Leah is the Politics Editor at gal-dem, and an anti-detention activist. She works in the violence against women and girls (VAWG) sector, and is on a quest to find the perfect vegan mayo.

Leyla Reynolds

House Illustrator

Leyla's true love is illustration. She created our gal-dem logo and her work can be found all over the site.

Mariel NO

Assistant Arts and Culture Editor

Mariel is the assistant arts & culture editor at gal-dem. She splits her time between illustrating, embroidery, and spending too much time on instagram.

Simran Randhawa

Assistant Politics Editor

Simran Randhawa is the assistant politics editor at gal-dem. She is also a writer, model and digital influencer who has been featured in publications such as Dazed and Nylon.

Suyin Haynes

Editor at Large

Suyin Haynes is an Associate Editor at TIME magazine in Hong Kong. In her spare time she can be found watching RuPaul's Drag Race and editing for gal-dem.


Video Editor

Ifama is a recent Goldsmiths graduate and documentary enthusiast currently working in postproduction. An (almost) 6ft music video lover, gentrification hater and creator of gal-dem’s first video series ‘interlude’.

Micha Frazer-Carroll

Assistant Print Editor

Micha is a writer, musician and Psychology and Sociology student, who talks a lot about social constructs and lives her life on the internet. As Editor in Chief of Blueprint, a magazine that focuses on mental health, she is passionate about BME representation and the way that it interacts with wellbeing.

Paula Akpan

Social Media Editor

Co-founder of the 'I'm Tired' Project and gal-dem's social media coordinator. Paula spends her days watching Law & Order SVU, ranting on twitter and trying to figure out how to relocate to Wakanda.

Shanice Dover

Social Media Editor

Shanice is a recent journalism graduate and gal-dem's social media co-ordinator and Twitter goddess – now masquerading as an actual adult in a marketing role whilst trying to release her inner care free black girl.